Epiphany was founded on slightly different morals, We believe that an organization should not only be a business but it can also act like a structured family type unit and also a viable marketing agent as well. We are built by a group of gamers that not only play the games we love but also strongly support any communities that we are involved in. We strive to become the ultimate in highly structured, fully interactive project. We take a very player-centric approach and ensure that our players and community are put first. While doing this we also believe that interaction and willingness to be open to our peers within the gaming world gives us a brilliant front to showcase to our sponsors. Here at Epiphany we don’t like the idea of boring static promotion for our sponsors, We strive in coming up with new and exciting marketing campaigns, As well as showing that out players actually use the sponsors and products. We would like to say that here at Epiphany we want to distance ourselves from the norms that have developed and become a great home for everyone.