Epiphany Fifa Returns

Sat 24th Jan 2015 - 2:52am

Last but not least our fifa player he is a veteran with in Epiphany playing for us for almost a year originally attending numerous events under the Epiphany name. When we decided to re-open he was the person who was at the top of all of our lists to bring back to the family.

and the player is:
Adam '@AdamJohnston_' Johnston

Here is a quote from Adam-J in Regards to re-joining the Epiphany family
"I'm happy to have joined back Epiphany, I have known the management for over 3 years now and it was an easy chioce to join. This year hopefully I can qualify for FIWC again and get a high placement in Gfinity's events"

Adam is viewed as one of the top players in the UK and played on some of the biggest stage in Fifa and we hope he continues the trend back under the Epiphany banner. He recent went 90-0-0 in the FIWC online qualifiers so we hope to see him back in Germany this year to make a run at the grand title.



Kyle Adkins

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