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Tue 24th Mar 2015 - 9:48pm

We at Epiphany Interactive have long been believers that sponsorships arent given out they are earned with hard work and dedication and today we are very proud to introduce our first sponsor since we have relaunched with who else but the people that gave us our start Ncontrol. Ncontrol the makers of the Avenger controller have not been involved for over a year in Call of Duty eSports scene and when they decided to return out of all the organizations in the world they came to us to field there team. We of course owe Frank a lot so how in the world could we turn that offer down. He wanted to build a team built around the idea that with the Avenger a team could take over the scene and dominate in every fashion. Once he said that we knew we had to reunite with our original Call of Duty players Hex and Curious and have them take over the flagship. Once we approached them they quickly teamed up with SunnyB and Agon to form the team now known as Epiphany Savages. We believe this team is built for the future and has what it takes to not only place well but push both brands to the highest levels possible. We will be attending Gfinity Open taking place on April 3rd-5th with this roster and all other future events. We can't wait to show the world what Epiphany and this team of savages can do. 


Frank Shepard had this to say about Epiphany:

We at Avenger are excited to be back with Epiphany Interactive. We didn't just want a team. We wanted a monster. We wanted something Savage. Epiphany delivered.  Seeing the commitment and intensity these players bring to the arena has made us eager to work with ALL of Epiphany's Pro Teams and together become legendary.

Kyle Adkins had this to say about Ncontrol:

I have worked with Frank for many years now and when we re-opened Epiphany this year my first goal was to earn back his trust and bring him back on board one way or another. Frank has helped me out through thick and thin and been one of the easiest guys to get along with in the world. We would not be where we are today with out his and Ncontrol support. Sponsor realations to us aren't just a buisness deal but an addition to our family we want what is best for Ncontrol and we believe that this addition and there dedication is the perfect compliment to there brand. We can't say thank you enough to Frank for his support and dedication to work with every each and every person in Epiphany. 


With this announcement we released a promotional video with some of the top plays from each team in Epiphany with the help of Adam Ginog we believe the video gives you an insight of what you can expect from us in the very near future.

We will also be releasing a giveaway tomorrow for everyone that purchases an Avenger or DeltaSix controller using the code Epiphany on their site so make sure to make your purchases and tweet us a screenshot of your order confirmation @EpiphanyBolt. 









Kyle Adkins

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