Epiphany Returns to Gears

Wed 4th Mar 2015 - 9:02pm Gaming

We at Epiphany Interactive have been working countless hours behind the scene on ways to increase our brand awareness as well as support the communities we hold dear to our hearts. We think that our announcement today brings validity to a scene that has struggled as of lot. We love the Gears of War community and believe heavily in the grass roots initiative that the Gears of War community took on when it was removed from the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. We have been involved in Gears of War in Europe previously netting a top five finish at EGL 9. We proudly would like to Welcome Authority to the ranks of Epiphany as the go under the new name Epiphany.ESS. This team has multiple top three finishes at LAN events as well as a 2nd place finish in the first ever EU Gears Competitive online event. They are known in the community as one of the most well liked and most active teams in Gears at the moment. We will be working with them hand in hand to not only further there growth inside the game but outside as well. The lineup is as follows:


Jimmy ”JIMMYB” Booth

James “GRAYLING” Grayling

Cameron “RAMBO” Costigan

Jack “KEZZA” Kearney


Co-Owner Kyle Wall had this to say about the addition:

After I saw the announcement of the potential event in Dublin for Gears of War I decided that it was the best time to get back into the scene. After speaking to Breck he got me in contact with Authority we spoke for a while and decided that the team where exactly what we wanted from a Gears of War team and I can't wait to see what these guys can produce this year. We are more than happy to be back in a scene that we feel grow with.


Team Captain Jimmy Booth had this to say:

We were more than happy that Epiphany got in contact with us about coming under their organization. We cannot wait to build for the future with the organization and represent them to the best of our ability.


To learn more about the players you can find them at the links listed here:


Special thanks to Breck:




Kyle Adkins

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