Epiphany Return to Counter Strike

Wed 4th Mar 2015 - 10:05pm Gaming

We are very proud to introduce another team to our ranks today as we come back to another scene for the second time. We have been looking into the CounterStrike Global Offensive scene ever since we previously partnered with our all Czech lineup and we have finally found the team for which we believe will carry us to new heights. We are very proud to announce the all Swedish lineup now known as Epiphany Bolt. The lineup is as follows:


Pierre "qlan" Selander

Alexander "woose" Tisell

Oscar "ZLR" Larsson

Oskar "psyko" Boberg

Adam "FroztyIV" Fällström


Oskar Boberg had this to say about the joining of Epiphany:

“After so many years in the competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 scene I am delighted to be returning to competitive gaming in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Back in the day me and Qlan used to get top placements in all the leagues and online tournaments we attended to. Sadly, we had to move on due to the team lacking funds for LAN events. After casually playing GO on and off for some time it dawned on me that being the progressive soul that I am it is impossible for me to play without  trying to compete on higher levels. I wanted to put a team together again and I am very proud to present a mix of old school talent and younger hungry players with tons of potential. It is a true pleasure to be a part of such a warm and welcoming family as the Epiphany organization is. And we will surely do our best to be all that we can be.”

Co-Owner Jimmy Barendt had this to say about the joining of the team:

"Me and FrostyIV go way back since he was originally a player for RNX and eventually became a General Manager for the PC section of RNX. When he contacted me saying he is making a return to CS:GO with Psyko, Qlan, WooSe and ZLR I was interested in seeing how they were doing. Since watching them practice for two weeks and see how fast they are improving I had to take the chance to get them in as Epiphany's first Academy team. I have faith that this team can become a roster to look out for giving them enough time"



We are very proud to have this team apart of the Epiphany family and feel they greatly match our goals and ideals for what we would like to accomplish. They are currently competing in the ESEA ladder as well as the Swedish Masters qualifiers. You can catch them on stream most nights on our stream as well as frozty’s stream which are both viewable right here on the site when there live or by clicking the links here.



Kyle Adkins

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