Call of Duty Team Announced

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General

Our Call of duty team consists of 4 top European players that we believe are the perfect match for what we want to achieve in Call of Duty this year. We can’t wait to watch these guys in action and help build our brand in the Call of Duty scene.
So without further delay the full line up is:
Steven ‘@EP_Mohog’ Hartland
Chris ‘@EP_Kipper’ Oakley
Marko ‘@EP_Hex’ Stojakovic
Jamie ‘@EP_Curious’ Davis

Here is a quote from the team captain Hex in regards to joining the Epiphany family
"Individually with the majority of us having taken a break throughout Call of duty: Ghosts, it was hard to make a return into the scene. After talks with Epiphany we decided this would be the right pathway for us and we are more than happy to have been given an opportunity to join as their Advanced Warfare team. We cannot wait to get started and see what we can achieve together in 2015, we look forward to representing the organization at our first event."

These guys are competing in the Call of Duty Championships qualifiers that is starting this Saturday January 31st. There first live event will be the Gfinity Open.



Kyle Adkins

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