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Wed 3rd Jun 2015 - 3:42pm General Gaming

Our Counter-Strike team set a goal once joining us to become Finlands best CS:GO team. Today we are proud to write that the first step in becoming so has been made after a strong performance at the teams first LAN under the Epiphany banner, RCTIC Päivä.


The team went out hard from the very start of the event and secured themself an overtime 19-16 win against El Senor Presidente, a team many thought as the darkhorse in the group. Going on momentum from the El Senor Presidente game it was time to face one of the most nameworthy teams in Finland, Paranoia eSports. Paranoia eSports did not know what hit them as the boys won with a comfortable score of 16-8. Last game in the group, the match to secure first place and going straight to the semi-finals, was against bUukLubBeN. A Finnish mix team that qualified through the online qualifier but were not to be taken lightly. bUukLubBeN fought hard but in the end Epiphany won 16-9 and with that secured ourself a first place in the group.


Group B standings

1st. Epiphany 3-0 | 51 Points

2nd. El Senor Presidente 1-2 | 45 Points

3rd. bUukLubBeN 1-2 | 44 Points

4th. Paranoia eSports 1-2 | 39 Points


Time for the playoffs and a bo3 rematch against bUukLubBeN who had knocked out PANTHERS in the quarterfinals. The series started very good for the Epiphany side as we quickly took the matchpoint after a 16-5 win. That map seem to have awoken bUukLubBeN however as they came out as a brand new team and took the series back 1-1 after a 16-8 defeat for Epiphany. Bringing it to the third and last map of the series you could tell there were a lot of nerves involved as the game went back and forth. In the end Epiphany turned out to be the better team as the game ended 16-12 and with that win were set for the RCTIC Päviä final!


As many had anticipated from the very start of the event it had become a Epiphany vs Team Menace final. Both teams going undefeated in their groups. And wow what a final this would become! Both teams showed excellent CS:GO teamwork and aim as the first game went back and forth, no team wanting to give the other the advantage. However being the master of close wins as Epiphany has proven themself to be it could only go one way and Epiphany took the first game with a very close 16-14 score and matchpoint in the bo3 series. Game two would prove to become just as close as game one, just like you want a final between two great teams to be! After Team Menace taking a 9-1 lead as Counter Terrorist the boys in purple in gold Epiphany woke up and started to completely demolish Team Menace. Team Menace could never really get a grip of the game after that and Epiphany would take the game 16-13 and with that the series 2-0 to be crowned RCTIC Päviä champions!


RCTIC Päviä standings

1st. Epiphany

2nd. Team Menace

3rd. bUukLubBeN

4th. El Senor Presidente


5/6th. RCTIC eSports

7/8th. Paranoia eSports

7/8th. silm0rsh



Kyle Adkins

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