The man The myth The legend himself Adam Johnston is our one and only Fifa player. He is viewed among the top Fifa players in the UK and has the placements and earnings to back it up:


EGL9 3rd

i48 5th

Campus Party 2012 (£5,000) 1st

FIWC UK 2012 Final 2nd

FIWC Poland 2012 Final 5th

EGL4 9th

12th Breakthrough player award

FIWC Glasgow 1st

Begosu YouTube tournament 1.5k 3rd

Begosu ps3 league 1st

Begosu Xbox League 1st

Mysweetpatch FIWC #5 1st

ESWC Paris qualifier 10th

RGT3 online quarter finalist

Won over £3,000 on virgin gaming

Won over £1,000 on Begosu